Brush factory

DREWMAR was founded in 1991 and has been in wooden industry since then. Experience gathered for years resulted in creation of whole production process, starting from selecting a tree in a forest and ending with a final product – a brush.

We run our own sawmill, carpenter’s workshop, modern vacuum drying chambers and varnisher’s workshop as well. Our plant is equipped with modern machinery (including Borghi), necessary to get best quality brooms and brushes. It makes us as an exceptional company which controls the whole manufacturing process. That is why we are fully responsible for the quality!…

Catalogue 2024

Our newest catalogue:

  • wide range
  • a lot of colors
  • ergonomic shapes
  • unique design
  • professionalism of performance

DREWMAR means:

advanced, modern technologies
top quality
years of experience
wide range of products
international contacts
full control of the whole manufacturing process

Our offer


We manufacture a full range of brushes and brooms. We also produce all wooden elements for the brushing industry. We are ready to meet most of demands of our customers, including technical and industrial brooms or brushes, as well as individually designed and ordered special ones.

Gardening tools

Using our products while working in garden will make it even a greater pleasure! Wooden parts are made of carefully selecetd and dried pine wood. Metal elements are made of highest quality steel produced in Poland.


They are made of carefully selected beech wood which is dried in modern vacuum chambers. That's why we may guarantee that the blocks keep the highest quality for a very long time. Highest quality pig bristle is perfect for these items.

Winter products

Perfect line for customers from countries where winters are still freezing. There are ice scrapers, ice removers, strong outdoor brooms with scrapers, snow shovels etc. Carefully selected and dried beech or pine wood is used for these products. Metal parts are made of highest quality Polish steel.