We have been engaged in wood production for over 30 years

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Our company has been developing continuously since 1991.

DREWMAR was founded in 1991 and has been in wooden industry since then. Experience gathered for years resulted in creation of whole production process; starting from selecting a tree in a forest and ending with a final product – a brush. Perfect location of our factory, which is surrounded by beech and pine forests, gives us a unique possibility of selecting a tree in a wood ourselves. The proper selection of highest quality fibres is also a great importance for us. A wide range of products gives us a great chance to find a meeting for your demands and our possibilities.

Why to choose DREWMAR?

What makes our brushes and other products so high quality?

We run our own sawmill, carpenter’s workshop, modern vacuum drying chambers and varnisher’s workshop as well. Our plant is equipped with modern machinery (including Borghi), necessary to get best quality brooms and brushes. It makes us as an exceptional company which controls the whole manufacturing process. That is why we are fully responsible for the quality!

We are known all around the world

Supplying our customers with safe and environmentally friendly articles is our mission.

we are known all around the world